Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Return of American Savings...

This is something that I almost never see addressed in the media or practically anywhere else. And its a phenomena that bears mentioning, because it has tremendous implications for nearly every aspect of economic policy. I'm talking about the return of private savings in the United States. Take a look at the graph below; private saving as a share of gross domestic income is at a historic high since the late 1970s.
If this rate stays high, it will have tremendous benefits for the economy in the coming years.
1. Interest rates will remain low, regardless of international capital flows. This will keep interest costs on the Federal debt low as Medicare and SS costs continue to rise and alleviate pressure to raise taxes and run higher deficits.
2. Global imbalances will subside as domestic investment is funded out of domestic savings. This means a re-balancing of East Asian economies and even more net-factor payments to bolster American GNP.
3. Improved household net worth will take pressure off government social programs that make up 2/3 of Federal outlays. If individuals start accumulating savings at a faster clip, programs such as SS, Medicare, Pell Grants, ect. all become less critical for the median American, as retirement income, health spending, and college can be funded on an individual basis drawn on a private stock of savings.

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