Saturday, December 10, 2011

David Cameron to Continent: Drop Dead

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, issued the sole veto to the proposed EU Treaty yesterday; the nations of the Eurozone may yet thank him. The treaty in question would have imposed a mandated limit on deficit of 3% of nominal GDP per annum and would have paved the way to a fiscal union for Europe. A fiscal union, in light of the ongoing implosion of the MONETARY union (the euro).

"Mr Cameron told a news conference that the deal on the table was not in Britain's interest "so I didn't sign up to it".
"We want the eurozone countries to come together and solve their problems. But we should only allow that to happen within the EU treaties if there are proper protections for the single market, for other key British interests" he said.
"Without those safeguards it is better not to have a treaty within a treaty, but have those countries make their arrangements separately.
"It was a tough decision but the right one."

The Eurocrats in Brussels are intent to strike our further and further into the sovereign functions of the EU member states. But this time the Empire struck back.

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